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POP Coronavirus Response

Your health and safety are my top priority, and I will be doing what is necessary to adhere to the statewide ordinance. Please know, I will continue to keep you at the center of my work and modify and update you based on the latest guidance from leading authorities.

Option 1: If you are comfortable with an in person organizing session, masks will be required, and temperatures will be taken at the time of the session. Additionally, I will be wearing a face shield and rubber gloves. If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, I ask that you contact me to reschedule your session.

Option 2: An assessment of your space can be done by you walking me through your space via virtual conferencing or by providing me photos via email. I can complete a virtual organizing session by phone or computer via any conferencing application. Through virtual organizing, I will be providing you with direction through coaching on how to organize the space and you will do the work.

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