Critic Reviews

In theatre, the critics provide a subjective and educational evaluation of a show that appears in the newspaper, on radio or television, social media and even by word of mouth. Below are some of the critic’s reviews from clients I have worked with over the years.

Karyn Tomczak is a miracle organizer–when I was living in Pendleton before I moved to North Carolina, I had so much stuff there were only paths in my home, upstairs and downstairs, where I could walk.  The floors were not there.  Karyn came and spent several days at my home getting rid of 3 pickup truckloads of things, and taking things to Good Will.  Thankfully, I kept my much better and when I moved to NC, I brought only what I needed for my much smaller home.  Karyn helped me unpack things and organize the house and basement. She labeled every box on the basement shelves, and now when I need something, I can find it. Karyn has changed my life for the better!
Betty Jane C.

Karyn has been helping us get organized long before she established her POP company. From sorting through overflowing closets, donating the excess to various reputable charities, to creating some kind of order of our professional files for the many years I worked from home – she found solutions for everything. As can be expected, after 40+ years in the same house, the work is not finished yet and we will continue to use her services for some time to come.

Michael & Tina. N
Karyn has patiently worked with me periodically over several years to help me clear up and organize various areas in my apartment. She gently but persuasively encouraged and enabled me to get rid of excess ‘stuff,’ mainly clothing and papers, that were cluttering up my space.
Francesca R.

I hired Karyn to help sort out my home-based business financial records and set up QuickBooks. Nineteen years later, the efficiency of the system still works. She can do almost anything. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

David S.

My 5 Star Review – Karyn helped our family of 5 prepare for a big move from our apartment in the city to a new home. I knew that before I packed, I needed to understand what I had, and that I needed to pare that down as well. Karyn was my guardian angel. She helped me focus on one thing at a time, she encouraged me to execute on the lingering to-do list, and watching the way she worked (which is so quick and efficient it’s surreal), empowered me to do better home organizing on my own. I think more than anything, she helped me to feel like my projects were manageable, so that I could calm down, get out of my head and do the work.

We hope to have Karyn back eventually to help us organize parts of our life that still don’t quite make sense (!), and when we do, we know we will be in good hands. If you are looking for someone who is professional, who goes above and beyond the call of duty, who is kind, flexible, non-judgmental but who knows how to get something done, give her a call. Over the course of three sessions, she helped me to do what would have taken me a month’s work (or more) on my own.

Allegra S.

I began using Karyn’s services 15 years ago at which time I hired her for an apartment move. She packed up everything with the exception of large furniture and moved it all several blocks away. She helped me set up the new apartment, lining drawers, measuring and creating space to store my things.

Throughout the years I’ve continued to work with Karyn. She’s there for my seasonal closet changes and takes items to donation centers.  She has helped me manage clutter in a big way, sorting through piles of papers, magazines, bills, medical data, tax and insurance forms, and more. She has even organized my computer files for this and keeps an organized file cabinet for me with paper copies that I am not ready to part with.  

When I recently closed my office of 26 years, she arranged storage for my professional materials for when I’m ready for full retirement. She keeps me on my toes with follow up phone calls, checklists and to-do lists, and even daily agendas when needed.

She is there to meet your needs, whether it’s researching best appliances to buy, renewing driver’s licenses, collecting unemployment insurance, and dealing with your cable company, TV and internet issues.

Karyn is the ultimate-organizer, personal assistant, essentially your third hand. If you have to give up manicures and pedicures for Karyn’s services, it is well worth the investment!  

Bea S.
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